highline dim R

Dimmable driver for highline leds

Technical data

A dimmable driver for highline leds.


1-10 V control signal
An external mechanism controls the regulation: when the signal is 1V, the light is turned off.

100K ohm potentiometer. For a more flexible regulated area, we recommend a logarithmic potentiometer.

Button function
When you press the button for less than one second, the lights are turned off. When you press the button for more than one second, the lights will be dimmed, and if you press once more the lights will brighten.

Product number:
853 001

Compatible products:
highline spot+, highline wide+, highline step+, highline sauna+, highline sauna id, highline floor+, highline roof+,
highline focushighline diagonal, highline power spot, highline posh diamond, highline posh sauna glowhighline posh hidden

Technical data
Wiring diagram