highline focus

Adjustable LED light.

Technical data

The adjustable spotlight is very well suited for areas with an angled ceiling. It can be used to accentuate details, e.g. fireplaces or showcase items in museums. By installing the lights in groups of three or four, an unnoticeable but efficient downlight is obtained.

Product numbers:

852 211 (2700K)
852 031 (3000K)
852 180 (4000K)

852 182 (2700K)
852 183 (3000K)
852 181 (4000K)

Compatible add-ons:

highline driver, highline dim, highline dim R, highline maxi dim, highline driver one led, highline driver din rail, highline move

Cable harness
highline wire 8, highline wire 8XS, highline wire 8XL, highline wire 12, highline wire 16

highline bluetooth, highline cable+

Technical data
DIALux -file (.ldt)