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highline sauna+

Sauna LED light.

Technical data

Sauna LEDs can be installed in the ceiling, behind the backrest to project light upwards, or in the front of the bench to project light downwards. When dimming is used, the desired light output for every situation can be reached: a more ambient light during bathing and sufficient power for a cleaning light. The Sauna+ LED is not suitable above the sauna stove. Highline Hot One, included in the series, can be used as a stove light.

Product numbers:

852 203 (2700K)
852 009 (3000K)
852 063 (4000K)

852 214 (2700K)
852 064 (3000K)
852 065 (4000K)

852 215 (2700K)
852 066 (3000K)
852 067 (4000K)

Compatible add-ons:

highline driver, highline dim, highline dim R, highline maxi dim, highline driver one led, highline driver din rail, highline move

Cable harness
highline wire 8, highline wire 8XS, highline wire 8XL, highline wire 12, highline wire 16

highline bluetooth, highline cable+, highline square

Technical data
DIALux -file (.ldt)