saas spot

The minimalistic and efficient spot works well in any space thanks to its small size and sufficient light amount of 100lm. IP44 rating, adjustable beam angle and ø15mm installation hole makes this a very flexible spotlight. Available in three different color temperatures and four color options.

saas spot


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Technical data

Power:3W / Led
CRI:Ra 90
Luminous:100 lm / Led
Type of encasement:IP44 (driver IP20)
Light beam:40°-60°
Mounting hole:15 mm
Colour temperature:2700K, 3000K, 4000K
Connection:Series connection
Colour:Aluminium, white, black, gold
Structure:6 x Leds, cable harness, driver
Operating temperature:-20°C … +50°C

A small light suitable for bathrooms, terraces, and indoor lighting. When installed near a wall surface, the light is reflected from the surface into the room. As a group of three fixtures, makes an efficient, decorative and beautiful light. The opening angle is adjustable in the range 40-60°. The light source can easily be changed on the spot if needed.

Technical data
DIALux -file (.ldt)
Revit -file
Installation instructions (with saas cable harness)

Product numbers:

10000711 (2700K)
10000704 (3000K)
10000703 (4000K)

10000708 (2700K)
10000705 (3000K)
10000700 (4000K)

10000710 (2700K)
10000707 (3000K)
10000702 (4000K)

10000709 (2700K)
10000706 (3000K)
10000701 (4000K)

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