In praise of light

Things look a bit different up here in the North. For us, light is a precious gift from nature, our source of wellbeing. It’s alive. Or should be. To design light is to design how we interact with one another, how productive we are, and how much time we want to spend in a place.

It’s this kind of experience that has turned us into one of the world’s leading experts in innovative, high-quality lighting. We understand the latest technology such as fibre optics and LED. Technology is our heritage. But moreover, we understand the poetry of light.

SAAS has spent the last three decades helping our customers discover a whole new level of meaning in lighting. Whether you are looking for the right ready-made components, elegant lighting fixtures, or want to work with us on creating a completely tailor-made solution, we will help design a lighting scenario that suits your needs ­­– and exceeds your expectations.

Business arenas:

SAAS where we tailor-make lighting solutions  to customers’ specific needs. Building everything from scratch right down to the light sources, or combining  our existing modules.

SAAS have selected the best quality LED components for professional electricians to fit into any space. Their product line demonstrates their expertise in an accessible format. Plug n Play kits ensure a great lighting atmosphere where people can relax and enjoy themselves.

SAAS has a growing collection of award-winning light fittings. These ’Luminaires’ have been created especially for SAAS by a wide range of designers. The lamps are evocative statement pieces, manufactured in Helsinki and found in several design museum collections around the world.

made in helsinki

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