In praise of light

Things look a bit different up here in the North. For us, light is a
precious gift from nature, our source of wellbeing. To master the
light, one has to be comfortable with darkness.
We make emotion driven technology.
We know the latest mechanics – technology is our heritage. But
moreover, we understand the poetry of light.
We guide with light.
We have spent the last three decades helping our customers
discover a whole new level of meaning in lighting. Whether
looking for the right ready-made components, elegant design
fixtures or completely tailormade solutions, we’re here for you.

Business arenas:

We create tailor-made lighting solutions to our
customers’ specific needs.
Laboratory means building everything from scratch,
or creating a new concept using already existing products.

We have a selection of high quality
LED components for professional electricians.
These Plug n Play solutions are easy to install and compact in size.

Our collection of design lights sits on the border between art and light.
These fixtures have been created for Saas Instruments
in collaboration with renowned Nordic designers.

Made in Hel since 1978.

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