The Bubble draws its inspiration from the Champagne bubbles and is also the reason why it was first introduced in a golden brass finish. This pendant is perfect for a wide variety of spaces like offices, dining rooms and other public spaces as it comes in three different sizes.



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Categories: Design Lights

Technical data

Power:35W – 90W LED
Colour temperature:2700K, 3000K, 4000K, RGB
Type of encasement:IP20
Materials:Aluminium, brass
Diameter:600, 900, 1200 mm
Colour:Brass, black, white

Saas Design

The name comes from the Champagne bubble – very light and airy, the Bubble reflects an indirect light from the inside of its curve.  The fixture creates a light circle that seems to hang in midair. Because the light is indirect the amount of glare is kept at a minimum.

The Bubble includes 3 meters of cable (⌀3mm), steel wires, ceiling canopy and on/off driver. Longer cables, wires and dimmable driver can be ordered on request.

Technical data
Installation instructions
DIALux -file (.ldt)
Revit -file

Product numbers:

Bubble 600 Brass
10000801 (RGB)
10000810 (2700K)
10000807 (3000K)
10000804 (4000K)

Bubble 600 White
10000802 (RGB)
10000811 (2700K)
10000808 (3000K)
10000805 (4000K)

Bubble 600 Black
10000803 (RGB)
10000812 (2700K)
10000809 (3000K)
10000806 (4000K)

Bubble 900 Brass
10000790 (RGB)
10000799 (2700K)
10000795 (3000K)
10000794 (4000K)

Bubble 900 White
10000789 (RGB)
10000798 (2700K)
10000796 (3000K)
10000792 (4000K)

Bubble 900 Black
10000791 (RGB)
10000800 (2700K)
10000797 (3000K)
10000793 (4000K)

Bubble 1200 Brass
10000814 (RGB)
10000823 (2700K)
10000820 (3000K)
10000817 (4000K)

Bubble 1200 White
10000813 (RGB)
10000822 (2700K)
10000819 (3000K)
10000816 (4000K)

Bubble 1200 Black
10000815 (RGB)
10000824 (2700K)
10000821 (3000K)
10000818 (4000K)

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