Saas Optik Rail

Lighting profile for washing the wall with two different beam angle options.

Saas Optik Rail

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Technical data

Size:20 x 22mm
Total length:max. 2m
Type of encasement:IP44

The profiles serve two purposes, they act as the cooling elements and they affect the opening angle of the light. The saas optik rail is perfect for lighting up walls. Install it 100mm from the wall and a nice washing effect will be achieved. There are two different lens options with one being 15 degrees and the other 30 degrees. The profile comes in aluminium and works with a variety of Saas led strips.

Includes brackets and end caps.

Compatible products:
saas strip pro A++
saas strip pro A++ IP65
saas strip pro P A++
saas strip pro P A++ IP67
saas strip pro SP A++
saas strip pro P IP55
saas strip pro mini

Technical data
Dialux -file (.ldt)

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