saas sauna basic

A set of glass fibers for your sauna including a LED projector and dimmable driver. With the six fibers, plus one for highlighting the stove, you’ll create a soft and warm atmosphere in your Finnish sauna.

saas sauna basic

Categories: SAAS sauna luminaires

Technical data

Light source:10W LED
Amount:6 + 1 Fibers
Size:Ø 2 & 3 mm
Suitable for sauna stove:Yes
Dimming:1-10V / Switch dim
Operating temperature:-30°C … +180°C
Mounting hole:12/15mm
Type of encasement:IP54 / IP20
Product Number:10 000 672

A fiber optic series with a dimmable LED light source, suitable for ceiling installation in a sauna. The stove lens has an adjustable light beam. You can form patterns with the fibers, e.g. the Plough.

Technical data
Installation instructions

Fiber length:
2 x 2,5 m / 2,0 mm
2 x 3,0 m / 2,0 mm
2 x 4,0 m / 2,0 mm
1 x 5,0m / 3,0 mm

Product numbers:
10000672 (3000K)

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