Saas Power Beam IP65

The saas power beam is a powerful outdoor fixture with a directable light source. The light comes on a stainless-steel stick that is easy to install in the ground around your garden or in your terrace.

Saas Power Beam IP65

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Technical data

Light source:10W LED
Current:350 mA
Type of encasement:IP65
Luminous:1000 lm
Colour temperature:2700K, 3000K, 4000K
Colour:Black, aluminium
Beam angle:20°

The power beam is an outdoor light with a strong LED that comes on a stick in different lengths. Ideal for lighting up bigger areas in your garden and when you need more than just an ambiance light.

Technical data
Instructions for terrace installation
Instructions for concrete installation
Instructions for ground installation

Product numbers:

10001832 (2700K)
10001813 (3000K)
10001815 (4000K)

10001838 (2700K)
10001834 (3000K)
10001836 (4000K)

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