saas power floor

A recessed ground light with a powerful light source. Comes in either black or aluminium and can be fitted with a honeycomb on request to reduce glare. Available in 2700K, 3000K or 4000K.

saas power floor

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Technical data

Light source:6W LED
CRI:Ra 90
Luminous:500 lumen
Type of encasement:IP65
Light beam:45°
Mounting hole:42 mm
Colour temperature:2700K, 3000K, 4000K
Connection:Series connection
Operating temperature:-20°C … +50°C
Color:Aluminium, black

A recessed ground light can be installed outside to accentuate garden plantings, walls, or pillars. The fixture can be installed to illuminate wall surfaces from bottom up all the way to the ceiling. The sleeve that remains above the installation surface does not get hot, so it can be stepped on without worry when installed on a floor surface.

Technical data
DIALux -file (.ldt)
Revit -file
Installation instructions (with saas cable harness)
Installation instructions (without saas cable harness)

Product numbers:

10000540 (2700K)
10000538 (3000K)
10000536 (4000K)

10000539 (2700K)
10000537 (3000K)
10000535 (4000K)

Compatible add-ons:

saas dim
saas maxi dim
saas driver 500mA

Cable harness
saas wire 8
saas wire 8XS
saas wire 8XL
saas wire 12
saas wire 16

saas bluetooth
saas cable+
saas loop

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