saas spot+

The minimalistic and efficient spot+ works well in any space thanks to its small size and sufficient light amount of 100lm. IP44 rating, adjustable beam angle and ø15mm installation hole makes this a very flexible downlight. Available in three different color temperatures and four color options.

saas spot+

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Technical data

Power:3W / Led
CRI:Ra 90
Luminous:100 lm / Led
Type of encasement:IP44 (driver IP20)
Light beam:40°-60°
Mounting hole:15 mm
Colour temperature:2700K, 3000K, 4000K
Connection:Series connection
Colour:Aluminium, white, black, gold
Structure:6 x Leds, cable harness, driver

A small light suitable for bathrooms, terraces, and indoor lighting. When installed near a wall surface, the light is reflected from the surface into the room. As a group of three fixtures, makes an efficient, decorative and beautiful light. The opening angle is adjustable in the range 40-60°. The light source can easily be changed on the spot if needed.

Technical data
DIALux -file (.ldt)
Revit -file
Installation instructions (with saas cable harness)

Product numbers:

10000455 (2700K)
10000448 (3000K)
10000447 (4000K)

10000452 (2700K)
10000449 (3000K)
10000444 (4000K)

10000454 (2700K)
10000451 (3000K)
10000446 (4000K)

10000453 (2700K)
10000450 (3000K)
10000445 (4000K)

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