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”The Arkadia 6 business center in Helsinki is dominated by an impressive lighting installation that
works as a centerpiece in the large lobby. The general lighting is soft, allowing the installation full
attention while also guiding its guests.” This is how interior architect Riina Ruska of Rune & Berg
Design describes the 300 Tube pendants in brass highlighting the adjustable counter in the newly
opened office facilities.

The Tube pendant is designed by Finnish interior architect Esa Vesmanen and produced by Saas
Instruments in Helsinki. The minimalistic design and recycled material of the fixture makes it an
approachable product to work with in a wide range of projects. While the Tube works very well on its
own, it becomes truly majestic in a larger installation like this. The adjustable beam angle, different
color temperatures and various color options completes this small and efficient design piece.

Products used:
Tube by Esa Vesmanen

Rune & Berg Design

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