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One of the requirements for the lighting at the Billebeino flagship store in central Helsinki was to not make it feel like a store. The wish was to capture the ambiance of a hotel or even a home. As a result, a lot of the fixtures used here are solutions we often rely on in residential and hospitality projects. This is also why we ended up using exclusively 2700K as the color temperature.

Brass is a central material in this project. Our decorative design pendants like the Sticks above the cash register and Snowballs in the changing rooms stay true to this theme.

The general lighting comes from our HD 60 Pivot and Power Focus which again are made from brass. Both fixtures produce around 500lm and both are directable, a feature that comes in handy not only when highlighting the clothes but also the many art pieces featured in the store.

A night-mode has also been created for the store which comes into action after closing time. This pre-programmed lighting scheme ensures a beautiful storefront through the night.

Products used:
Saas HD 60 Pivot
Saas Power Focus
Stick by Saas Design
Snowball by Saas Design

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