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Cigale & Fourmi is a concept store in Hanko, the Southernmost town on the Finnish mainland that specialize in outdoor furniture, pottery, and other design products.

This heritage protected pavilion has been restored to its former glory by owner Anna Fromond and Christian Haglund and houses several of Saas’ fixtures both inside and out. The impressive renovation has already gathered a lot of attention both in Hanko and elsewhere and recently won the prestigious Monocle Design Award for best design outpost.

The lighting, very much like everything else here has an unmistakable Nordic design which highlights the products while still respecting the old wooden building. The Saas Power Focus and made-to-measure profiles have been widely used here and the Tube, designed by Esa Vesmanen complements the big counter.

We strongly recommend giving Cigale & Fourmi a visit if you find yourself in Hanko during the summer!

Products used:
saas power focus
saas power focus IP65
saas strip pro P superior
Tube by Esa Vesmanen

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