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The Radisson Blu Royal in the district of Kamppi in central Helsinki received an extensive update in 2020. In the process the lights were also changed to better accommodate modern standards and design.

Saas Instruments’ lighting profiles have been used throughout the hotel. In the corridors and behind the room numbers the super slim 08×09 profile was the most fitting alternative because of the limited space. In the suites the 20×14 profile have been fitted with our saas strip pro superior P led strip to achieve a high color rendering index. The warm and indirect light creates a welcoming atmosphere and thanks to dali dimming, you always have the right amount of light. In addition to the led strips the saas roof+ can be found in the bathrooms of each room. With its small size and narrow beam, it’s an easy installation that creates a nice effect when surrounded by wood.

Products used:
saas strip rail 08 x 09 & saas strip pro mini
saas strip rail 20 x 14 & saas strip pro superior P
saas roof+

->Radisson Blu Royal

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