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Hotel Mestari opened its doors to the public in the summer of 2022. The new 4-star hotel located in the district of Kamppi in Helsinki features a vast number of fixtures from Saas. In fact, all the architectural lights and a big portion of the decorative design lights have been supplied by us.

We were heavily involved in the planning process from the beginning, and throughout the project there are bespoke, semi bespoke, and standard solutions from our portfolio.

As the hotel is located in the Helsinki Builders Association’s old house the inspiration of the interior has been a mix of heavy-duty and Scandinavian elegance. This theme can also be seen in the lights, the bespoke brass chandelier represents luxury while the suspended iron bar with integrated lights in the ceiling of the rooms represent an unmistakable roughness.

The restaurant and the area surrounding it has very limited lighting with the fixtures placed only where really needed in true Saas spirit. Many of the fixtures are dim to warm for added coziness in the lobby.

Products used:
saas focus
saas power spot R
saas power focus
saas strip pro superior P
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