Technical data

Light source:6W LED
Current:700mA (500mA with downlight)
Colour temperature:3000K, 4000K
Type of encasement:IP44
Diameter:40 mm
Length:800 mm

Saas Design

The Pipeline is a hollow acrylic tube with a led chip in the upper end. The light shoots through the material giving light both down and to the sides. Up to five Pipelines can be installed on the same wire.

The Pipeline can also be ordered with a downlight.

The Pipeline includes 3 meters of cable (⌀3mm), ceiling canopy and on/off driver. Longer cables and dimmable driver can be ordered on request.

Also available for 3 circuit track.

Product numbers:

Without downlight
10000782 (3000K)
10001530 (4000K)

With downlight
10001531 (3000K)
10001532 (4000K)

Technical data
DIALux-file (.ldt)
Revit -file