Routa comes in two different sizes, three different colors, and has three different color temperatures on the light, so it’s a very flexible piece. Because it’s made from solid aluminium this pendant weighs a fair amount giving a luxurious and robust feeling.



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Categories: Design Lights

Technical data

Light source:6W LED
Current:500 mA
Colour temperature:2700K, 3000K, 4000K
Type of encasement:IP44
Colour:Black, aluminium, red

Design Martin Bergström

Routa made its debut at the Stockholm Furniture & Light fair in 2020. Designed by fashion designer Martin Bergström it’s inspired by the harsh Nordic climate and has a unique shape that comes in two different sizes, both fitted with a 6W high power LED.

Routa includes 3 meters of cable (⌀3mm), a steel wire, ceiling canopy and on/off driver. Longer cables, wires and dimmable driver can be ordered on request.

Technical data
DIALux -file (.ldt)
Revit -file

Product numbers:

Small Black
10001853 (2700K)
10001854 (3000K)
10001855 (4000K)

Small Aluminium
10001859 (2700K)
10001860 (3000K)
10001861 (4000K)

Small Red
10001856 (2700K)
10001857 (3000K)
10001858 (4000K)

Big Black
10001862 (2700K)
10001863 (3000K)
10001864 (4000K)

Big Aluminium
10001868 (2700K)
10001869 (3000K)
10001870 (4000K)

Big Red
10001865 (2700K)
10001866 (3000K)
10001867 (4000K)

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