The SUB is made from recycled materials and covered in a polyester felt making it a sound absorber in addition to spreading a soft indirect light. This piece can be installed both as a wall light or as a pendant hanging from the ceiling.


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Technical data

Light source:40W LED
Colour temperature:3000K, 4000K
Type of encasement:IP44
Materials:Polymer felt / leather
Colour:Black, white, light grey, dark grey, brown (leather)

KOHO Design

Designed by two rising Finnish design stars Timo Hoisko and Matti Korpela, the SUB is a large fixture with a subtle indirect light.

The SUB can be mounted in the ceiling or on the wall, giving a nice ambient light. A combination of several SUB lights forms an impressive architectural element suitable for larger spaces. Manufactured in a polymer felt made of recycled materials the SUB also works as a sound absorber that creates a nice acoustic atmosphere.

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Technical data
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Product numbers:

10000767 (3000K)
10000766 (4000K)

10000759 (3000K)
10000758 (4000K)

Light Grey
10000761 (3000K)
10000760 (4000K)

Dark Grey
10000765 (3000K)
10000764 (4000K)

Brown Leather
10000763 (3000K)
10000762 (4000K)

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