saas hot one

As the heat and moisture above the stove gets very intense, a LED light won’t cope. That’s why we offer the saas hot one fiber which is perfect for highlighting the stove and the steam rising from it.

saas hot one

Categories: SAAS sauna luminaires

Technical data

Light source:3W LED
Structure:1 x Fiber 4,0m, mounting flush, 500mA driver
Size:Ø 3mm
Suitable for sauna stove:Yes
Operating temperature:-30°C … +180°C
Mounting hole:15 mm
Type of encasement:IP54 / IP20
Product Number:74 800 51

This stove fiber optic light accentuates the steam rising from the stove. The fiber can be used to complement the saas sauna LED light series. The light source of the Hot One fiber is an LED projector.

Technical data
Installation instructions

Product number:
10000675 (3000K)
10000674 (4000K)

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