saas sauna viiva

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Technical data

Size:16 x 13 x 2500mm
Colour temperature:2700 K
Power:8W / m
Current:24 V
Luminous:~500 lumen / m
Type of encasement:IP55
Operating temperature:-30 … +125°C

The saas sauna viiva is a linear profile light for saunas. It gives a beautiful effect when installed in the seats or as a wall washer in the ceiling of the sauna. The package also includes four end caps, four U-brackets and three meters of silicon cable in both ends to make the installation as easy as possible. There are marked cut-off points every 70mm along the profile so the product can easily be used as two separate, shorter fixtures.

Safety distance from the stove is 50cm and it shouldn’t be installed above it. The package does not include drivers.

Technical data
Installation instructions
DIALux -file (.ldt)
Revit -file

Product number:
10001606 (2700K)