saas square

Square sleeve for saas leds

saas square

Categories: SAAS spots & cable harnesses, Accessories for spots
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Technical data

Amount:8 pcs
Mounting hole:15 mm
Colour:Aluminium, white, black, glod

An attachment for power LED fixtures, that changes the cast of the light from a round sleeve to a square one. Adding the square part is easy to accomplish by attaching the part into the sleeve of the fixture before installation. Square comes in four colours: aluminium, black, gold, and white.

Product numbers:
10000655  (Aluminium)
10000652  (White)
10000654  (Black)
10000653  (Gold)

Compatible products:
saas spot+
saas wide+
saas step+
saas sauna+
saas sauna id

Technical data

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