saas dim bluetooth

Dimmable driver for saas leds

saas dim bluetooth

Categories: Drivers for spots, Project Lighting, SAAS spots & cable harnesses, Spot drivers
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Technical data

Current:300mA-1050mA / 16-38W / 230V
Amount of leds:1-12 (3W/350mA), 1-7 (3W/900mA) 1-4 (6W/500mA)
Type of encasement:IP20

A dimmable driver for saas leds with a wireless light control application. The lighting can be turned on and off, dimmed, and timed using a mobile device. The diverse, free application is available for iOS and Android devices. The application is easy to use and it enables the creation of multiple different lighting configurations. A light switch in the room works side by side with the mobile device.

Technical data

Product number:
1000 1821

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