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This refreshingly unique wooden villa feels like it’s been taken straight from a fairytale with its bright pink color. The gingerbread shaped frames in front of the huge windows that open up to a stunning ocean view only enhances this emotion. Designer Minna Parikka made the house as a getaway from the city for herself and her 5-year-old daughter.

Adding to the ambiance are several different lighting solutions from Saas. Both the façade and upstairs living room have been fitted with the Blaze Floor, a small floor light that( thanks to its IP67 rating) works both inside and out. In addition, the terrace has been fitted with a led strip that spreads a warm and soft glow.

The general lighting inside has been carried out in big part with the HD 60 downlight and directable Power Focus in brass. The brass theme continues with the special made pendant highlighting the kitchen island.

In the bathroom, classics like the small Posh Hidden spot in groups of three together with the Viiva profile in the sauna completes this beautiful project.

Products used:
saas power spot R
saas HD 60
saas power focus
saas posh hidden
saas blaze floor
saas sauna viiva
saas strip pro superior P

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