A LED light strip placed close to the wall surface creates a hazy atmosphere to the tiled walls.

There are several different downlights available for bathrooms, whether you prefer a light that illuminates the wall surface from the ceiling to the floor, a beautiful beam of light near the wall or the sparkle of crystals.

The highline product family offers a wide selection of ways to make your room unique.

Products suitable for bathroom:

saas spot+
saas posh hidden
saas posh diamond
saas wide+
saas step+
saas diagonal
saas power spot
saas power spot R
saas strip pro A++ IP65
saas strip pro P A++ IP67
saas strip pro A++ IP65 NANO
saas strip pro P A++ IP65 NANO
saas strip pro SP A++ IP65 NANO

Sparkle by Alexander Lervik
Tube by Esa Vesmanen

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