When it comes to bedroom lighting a few well-placed fixtures will be enough in most cases, nothing too bright or focused here. Indirect lighting in the bed’s headboard or a couple of nice low hanging pendants by the nightstands are good solutions when you want something a bit more unique. Both are easy solutions to install, yet surprisingly rare.

We recommend a warm white (2700K) in terms of color temperature. Dimming is also a must-have to set the right mood. Use a dali-dimmable driver to get pre-programmed lighting scenarios for different atmospheres and occasions.

This goes for basically any space, but don’t put in too much light. Because the light is actually only needed in a few spots and if the whole bedroom isn’t lit, it becomes much more dynamic and interesting. For example, install LED strips (saas strip pro mini) inside your closets and have a couple of carefully directed lights (saas focus) by the nightstands. Combine that with an off-center downlight in the ceiling (saas HD 60) and you’re all set.

Products suitable for bedrooms:

saas spot+
saas posh hidden
saas step+
saas focus
saas power spot R
saas strip pro mini
saas strip pro A++
saas strip pro superior

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