The Bare is a luxurious glass pendant that comes in either brass for a classical look, or in matte black for a more contemporary feel. Because the light source is hidden at the very top of the glass ball instead of in the middle of it, the glass itself becomes the main focus.


Categories: Design Lights

Technical data

Power:6 – 30W
Light source:LED
Current:350mA / 230V
Colour temperature:2700K, 3000K, 4000K
Type of encasement:IP44
Material:Brass, glass
Colour:Brass, black

Design Joanna Maury

The Bare is a luxurious chandelier and is available as a single light, or a combination of five.

Product numbers:

Brass Single
10000825 (2700K)
10001533 (3000K)
10001534 (4000K)

Black Single
10001535 (2700K)
10001536 (3000K)
10001537 (4000K)

Brass Quintet
10000826 (2700K)
10001538 (3000K)
10001539 (4000K)

Black Quintet
10001540 (2700K)
10001541 (3000K)
10001542 (4000K)

Bare Single technical data
Bare Quintet technical data

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