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In June 2023 The Torby hotel in Fiskars opened its doors to the public. The old paper workshop now hosts 24 rooms in a unique and charming environment.

The lighting at the hotel (consisting of two buildings) was considered at an early stage, and some of the products were developed for this project specifically in mind.

Take the beautiful lounge area for example. Since the space didn’t have a false ceiling but required something more architectonic than a light track, we ended up developing a grid system with integrated spotlights. Having the grid painted in the same color as the acoustic felt covering the ceiling provided a calm and flexible solution.

In the lounge, the color temperature is a very warm 2200K coming from the saas blaze, and that’s why we fitted the grid in the conference room next door with our HD 60 dim to warm fixtures. This means we have a sufficient working light during the days, but can match the warm light in the evening from the room next door to make an extension of the lounge. All the lights are controllable with Casambi meaning setting the mood is a quick and easy process.

In the hallways the same theme of mixing color temperatures can be seen. The general lighting is again 2200K, but the artwork adorning the walls have a 3000K light directed towards them, making the colors pop and drawing more of the attention.

Bespoke reading lights in aluminium and brass on each side of the beds have both dimming and charging outlets. The small yet effective fixture is in line with the hotel’s atmosphere of mixing modern with traditional.

Products used:
saas blaze
saas blaze pivot
saas HD 60
saas strip rail 08×09 & saas strip pro mini
saas strip rail 20×14 & saas strip pro superior SP

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