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A private residence finished in 2021 with lights almost exclusively by Saas. Luxury meets cozy in this wooden villa with upscale materials, a well thought out interior design and high-quality lights with DALI controlling. This means it’s easy to set exactly the right mood regardless of occasion as every light can be dimmed down to a fraction of its full output. It also allows you to have pre-planned lighting schemes which can be easily accessed through a tablet on the wall.

Because the lights were planned at an early stage there have been no compromises made here. In the bathroom we use a combination of indirect lights through our profiles together with the saas posh hidden spotlight. In the sauna we use our saas sauna viiva which is one of the few linear lights on the market suited for saunas.
In the hallways, bedroom and living room we use combinations of our saas superior led strips with a very high color rendering index, HD 60 downlight with its halo effect, and decorative design lights like the Tube and Bare Quintet. Outside we see IP67 rated led strips and our small but efficient saas power floor.

Products used:
saas HD 60
saas posh hidden
saas power focus
saas power spot R
saas power floor
saas floor+
saas hot one
saas sauna viiva
saas strip pro superior P & saas strip rail 20×14
saas strip pro P IP67 & saas strip rail 25x13U
Tube by Esa Vesmanen
Bare Quintet by Joanna Maury

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