Light Ware

The Light Ware is a small table light which can be powered either by a battery or a driver. The light source is integrated in the table and the 4mm brass tube with fiber optics sits on top of it. This product was originally developed by Saas Instruments and Atelje Sotamaa for the Helsinki based restaurant Finnjävel.

Light Ware

Categories: Design Lights

Technical data

Light source:LED
Size:h 350 mm x Ø 4 mm
Materials:Brass / glass
Power supply:Battery 3,6V / Charger 230V
Colour:Brass, black

Design Ateljé Sotamaa 2016

Light Ware welcomes you at your reserved table.

It’s a small chargeable LED fixture, in a tiny brass body that, thanks to a little magnet, can be placed in every part of the table top and be a discreet lighting presence, as well as a candlelight.

Designed for restaurants, it can be also be used for a romantic dinner at home: when the food is served the  4 mm brass tube with fiber optics is inserted and presents the dish.

The light includes a chargeable battery that is located under the table and mounted with a small magnet.

The Light Ware can also be ordered with a driver instead of a battery.

Technical data
DIALux -file (.ldt)
Revit -file
Installation instructions (battery)
Installation instructions (driver)

Product numbers:

Light Ware Charger
10001476 (2700K)
10000785 (3000K)
10001478 (4000K)

Light Ware Driver
10001475 (2700K)
10000784 (3000K)
10001477 (4000K)

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