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A balanced atmosphere can be created in the living room by combining indirect illumination with downlights. This also makes it easy to adjust the lighting to suit the situation. Indirect lighting reflects softly in the space, providing the general illumination. By targeting the downlights at the chosen surfaces, the room can achieve a good balance, and the downlights can also be used as reading lights, for example.

Products suitable for living room:

saas spot+
saas posh hidden
saas wide+
saas step+
saas diagonal
saas focus
saas power focus
saas power spot
saas power spot R
saas strip pro A++

Bubble by Saas Design
Sparkle by Alexander Lervik
Tube by Esa Vesmanen
SUB by KOHO Design
No 512 by Laura Tuorila
Trefoil by Simo Serpola

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