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This beautiful private villa is designed by Joarc Architects and was finished in the autumn of 2023. Situated by the coast in Helsinki, this ambitious project showcases a great amount of different Saas lighting solutions. The lighting design has been carried out only with Saas fixtures which means there are both technical fixtures, decorative design lights, as well as some tailor-made solutions found here.

For the outdoor areas a fairly simple approach with the Saas Power Wall, Power Spot, Power Moon and led strips can be seen. As we emphasis the important of darkness as well, all lights are DALI controllable and light is situated only where needed.

Inside, design pendants such as the Bubble and Stick can be seen in the entrance and over the dinner table. The general lighting consists of the Saas HD 60 and Power Focus installed inside a frameless box in pairs. In addition to the clean design, the frameless box also has a practical value as the ceilings are acoustic which can otherwise be challenging during installation. The Saas Superior led strip with its high color rendering index is also used in many different areas through out the house.

In addition to the frameless power focus the bathroom also features the tiny posh hidden downlights and the linear sauna viiva under the seat of the sauna.

Bespoke reading lights with stone plates matching other areas of the villa adorn the headboards of the master bedroom. These fixtures that where designed for this project specifically are dimmable with an adjustable beam to make reading extra comfortable.

Products used:
saas power spot R
saas HD 60
saas power focus
saas posh hidden
saas blaze floor
saas power moon
saas sauna viiva
saas strip pro superior P
saas strip pro superior P IP67
saas strip pro superior SP
Bare Single by Joanna Maury
Stick by Saas Design
Bubble by Saas Design
Bespoke solutions

Joarc Architects

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